Color Story: Neutrals


One of the most common things I hear people say, when picking out their fabric for a piece we are going to upholster is, "I want to go with something neutral." Some of my personal favorite neutrals are ones that are soft, timeless, and subtle enough to feature your family's story as the focal point of your space. From brands like Robert Allen to JF Fabrics, I love taking the time to find a fabric that really makes a feature in your home, without being overwhelming and still keeping that timeless look. Some of my favorite fabric options are Linen Bandera, Dante's Linen, Perception Weave, Natural Woven, and Ivory Yielding. I love the way these neutrals bring a bright and sometimes earthy calmness to a space without hogging the spotlight. 

The photos below represent the feelings and inspiration behind the fabric colors.


There is something so beautiful about walking onto a dock and feeling the warmth of the sun bleached wood underneath your feet. With shades varying from light to dark, Bandera Linen is a fabric that features a natural weave with an added layer of dimension. 


Whenever we go to the mountains or out for a hike in Yosemite, I love taking photos at old barns and farmhouses that have aged over time. You can almost feel the history behind the walls, Dante's Linen is one of my favorite linen's not only because of its weave and texture but also for the durability. It is one that truly stands the test of time without aging and remaining soft to the touch. 


Remember when you were little and you would run down your neighborhood street tapping a stick alongside the fences you passed by? This color reminds me of those sweet springs filled with honeysuckle flowers and lavender filling the air. 


Natural woven is a classic fresh and pure fabric that is soft to the touch but durable. It is one that we feature in our showroom and one that we continue to fall in love with. If a natural white option is something you are considering, look no further. The simplicity of the weave and texture it provides is one that is unparalleled. 


Not only is this fabric soft, it has dimension unlike any other. Just like whipped cream on a latte, it's simple, sweet, and a necessity. The texture of the fabric is soft and cozy yet remains tightly woven so pilling is never something you have to worry about. 

I hope you love these neutral fabrics as much as I do, to shop these fabrics come in and visit our showroom. Let us know which of my neutral fabrics is your favorite on Instagram, #OnlyAtAbys


written by: Drew Albo