A Note from Aby: Reflection on February


I am so excited to be able to share my thoughts with some of my favorite people! I feel so blessed to be able to build such strong bonds with many of our clients, yet it seems as though I never am able to see them again until “something else breaks,” John said as he picked up his newly re-stuffed cushions. 

I love the idea of being able to write to you all and share the little details and intricacies that go along with our work. Juggling the company, team, clients and the kids can be quite the balancing act. Every month I will share a little about the month that has passed to keep you all up to date with whats going on in our little world. Sometimes it may be personal reflections and at other times I might share new and exciting things with the business, but my goal is for you to know how were doing and what were planning for the future of Aby’s Upholstery. 

I remember waking up on February 1st and taking a really deep breath, like most days, this month just felt like it had to be different from January but it had to start with me. January was a slow month for the business. 

San Jose had finally received rain and the political environment brought anxiety to so many people throughout the nation, all of these things on the surface appeared to be the reason things were slow, but something kept telling me to dig deeper. I decided to get off of Facebook (best decision ever) and just re-centered myself. 

The move hit hard in many ways as an individual and there was shaking off that had to be done. It truly felt like I had been catapulted from one place to the other in one huge thrust and somewhere I felt a bit misaligned. When this happens my center is often found in the gym and my mind, body and spiritual alignment begins there.  

My energy is everything and I discovered that very early on in the development of this company. A close mentor once told me Aby you can’t hide from your company or your team, you fool nobody. 

Your personal life, behavior, habits and character, it all spills out one day or another so it’s critical that you stay strong, consistent and real. In other words he told me it is working don’t change a thing about you and keep moving. If I am sad, mad, tired, lost, happy, stressed, filled with anxiety, etc. any emotion felt is truly penetrated into the culture of my business and I can’t really afford to be off for long so I have to find that place where I am most happy. 

In February I went back to my normal routine at the gym, got back to my meal prepping and worked at balancing time at work, with kids and spending time with friends that keep me happy and alive. I reconnected with one my best friends and that helped me more then I even realized it would. 

Another huge plus is having Drew in the office. Most small business owners will tell you that delegating is hard not just the tasks but sharing your space and having someone understand your energy (things change a lot from one moment to the next and I know it can get overwhelming). Drew at this point knows everything about me and having someone who loves respects and helps you grow and laugh is rare. We connect in ways I am sure most people won’t experience in a life time. I am convinced that our paths came together for a much greater purpose. I am hopeful that one day HGTV will find us and the “Aby and Drew” show will be launched! He thinks I’m playing half the time but I think it’s going to happen! 

Our work environment is so beautiful…we have had clients just come in and hang out with us…that means a lot to me and I know we touch people every day in a special way. 

Business improved quickly

Perspective is everything!


written by: Abigail Figueroa