Fresh Starts & Clean Slates


The New Year is well into swing, and by now, you have either started your resolutions or, if you’re anything like myself, you’ve fumbled a few of them already. Regardless, the month of January is full of reminders to move on from the past and step into the future, however, as a businesswoman, I never forget where we started and who we are as a company, and the largest part of that is you, my clients.

Many of you run in the showroom during lunch or visit during Saturday mornings over coffee to discuss your projects and plans for your pieces. Some of you are retired and looking to finally upholster the pieces your children or parents grew up with. A number of you are parents to children or pets yourselves and need to get in and out as efficiently as possible. Occasionally, you are a small business owner yourself, and can only manage an hour or two of time, before you have to get back to your own full lives—and what you all have in common, is that you’ve trusted the process, my team, and myself—although, at times, it’s not always easy to do.

As entrepreneurs, we are consistently in the process of describing who our ideal clients are, and I can honestly say, that mine, are all of you. They are hardworking men and women, parents to children, grandparents, understanding, kind people who know their financial investments will be worth it in longevity. My team and I take everything you invest in, as seriously as you, because we are you. We pay attention to details, fix mistakes, and find ways to make your furniture better than it once was, or restored to mint condition, and we know, that once the process is finished, we’ve done it right!

Thank you for continued love and support this year, and every year.

- Aby