Aquamarine Velvet Pillow

Aquamarine Velvet Pillow



DIMENSIONS · 18" x 18"

QUANTITY · 1 Pillow

FEATURES · Invisible Bottom Zipper

COLOR · Aquamarine in Velvet

FILL · Customizable

WASH · Delicate / Machine Wash (No Tumble Dry) 

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Fill Material

Blown Polyester · This filling is the most standard form of stuffing you will find in pillows. It is light weight, fluffy, and made from 100% polyester

Feather Down · This filling is the most luxurious and dense form of pillow stuffing. Made from 90% feather and 10% down, they are heavy, can be scrunched up, and remain very dense. 

Angel Hair · This filling is by far the most comfortable and modern form of stuffing. It is designed to be loose, un-clumpable and lightweight. It gives you a similar feel to down without the weight. This is by far our favorite fill here at Aby's Upholstery.