A Note From Aby: Mentors

From right to left: Abigail Figueroa, Linda Boessenecker, Rebecca Alvarez. 

From right to left: Abigail Figueroa, Linda Boessenecker, Rebecca Alvarez. 

I am compelled to write on the subject of “mentors” because I feel like few people take advantage of all of the knowledge that surround them. I wanted to share some tips on understanding how the process works….or at least how it has worked for me ☺ 

I have had mentors since I was twelve years old and I have very much been aware from that age how valuable and critical mentors are. In the beginning I was like ok so where do I sign up for one? Are we paired up? How do I tell someone I want them to be my mentor? It doesn’t really work in any of these ways. People are busy, people of high value even more so and the idea of commitment or signed up responsibility is not on anyone’s list of priorities. So how do you find one? More importantly, you have to ask yourself what is your goal and who do you know, or need to meet that can help you reach that goal?

Here are some examples:

  • Weight loss/ healthy living habits
  • Owning property
  • Being debt free
  • How to be organized
  • Strong single mothers, women, men, etc. 
  • Thriving couples
  • Living a balanced life
  • Becoming a millionaire or multi-millionaire
  • Getting into the college of your choice
  • Building your career
  • Spiritual growth 

Once you have identified what you are looking for the miracles begin to happen and you begin to meet people who model these traits or have accomplished the goal you are trying to attain! Guess who can help give you the best advice…them!

A mentor can choose to have coffee/lunch with you, it can happen in a quick conversation taking advantage of the five minutes they have to spare or it can become a consistent training partner in the gym. One of the things I have come to understand is just as they add value to you it’s critical that you add value to their lives as well…in other words no wasting their time, you have something they can learn from as well, smile, give off great energy, be positive, edifying, humble, a great listener and most importantly be thankful for the time spent with you.

Also, know that because one person serves as a mentor in the gym it doesn’t necessarily mean that they are your financial guru as well it could be the complete opposite case so focus on the persons strengths and learn…this is why you need multiple mentors for multiple goals!  

At the end of the day, take your time, be open to the possibilities and people around you. Everyone can be a teacher, but few are mentors. 

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