The strongest motivation for running my business, are the customers that inspire me daily.  In some instances they motivate me directly, and other times indirectly, but in their own way they have taught me something about life and business. 

From the start of Aby’s Upholstery, I have met the most amazing people; from CEO’s to attorneys, politicians, entrepreneurs, doctors and more, and although they are diverse in fields, they have all added so much value to my life. 

Many of our clients ask, “How did you get into an upholstery business? Is it family owned, did your parents start upholstering?”, and as much as I would love to say “Yes!” Aby’s Upholstery didn’t quite start out that way. 

Aby’s Upholstery began in 2003 in Santa Clara, CA. At the time, I was nineteen years old and still attending Santa Clara University. As a little girl, I never imagined owning my own upholstery business; my dream was to be a judge or a motivational speaker, but life lead me in this new entrepreneurial direction. Entering into the upholstery business for me, was somewhat built out of necessity. 

I was married at nineteen and my husband and I decided to purchase a small upholstery business, without any previous experience in the field and being first generation business owners meant we had some uphill challenges to climb. Due to inexperience, business management and lack of capital we had to close our doors after three short months. We decided to continue to push forward and work wherever our sewing machine fit; sometimes it was in our apartment, the balcony or our community parking lot. During that time we did our best to continue to work hard and develop our clientele; and while the challenges were raw and difficult, we pushed through. 

In 2006 we decided to open our doors at our previous location in San Jose, off of Monterey Road. At the time we focused on commercial and auto upholstery and able to introduce many great upholsterers. Our team was growing and developing their skills and quickly a demand for residential upholstery developed allowing our business to expand. In 2012, life threw me a new challenge, one that hit me personally. My husband and I decided to get separated. I had a business to run with almost no working capital, and over five full-time employees. At the time I had no idea how to manage or run a business on my own but I decided to push through the difficulty and I started seeing a new personal and business journey falling into place.  With hard work, dedication, and a team that was skilled in upholstery, I was able to turn an almost failing business, into what it is today. 

Now I manage a team that has over 150 years combined experience in the craftsmanship of upholstery. We have come to understand that our work is not just about providing a service, but working with an attitude that reflects our genuine interest in our clients. Each person is skilled and efficient, specializing each in specific areas of upholstery which allows our team to be dynamic and unique. We are driven and committed to growing this business as organically as possible, all the while maintaining low overhead costs in an attempt to provide the best quality service and products at a reasonable price. 

In 2016, our latest adventure has begun. After ten years at our previous location on Monterey Road, we have moved into our new showroom and workshop in North San Jose, off of Horning Street. It was time for us to shift our location and improve the experience for our clients and team.

My clients and employees are what drive the vision of this company, and when they are genuinely happy, so is the health of the company as a whole. My dream was to create a home where my employees and our clients can feel that they are valued. Although we are young, we have grown into a strong and resilient business with much promise.

I am excited to get to know you and I am here to serve you in any upholstery need that you may have. My goal is to make this as easy as possible for you as you learn about the benefits of upholstery rather than simply buying new disposable furniture. 

Thank you for taking the time to read about the history behind Aby’s Upholstery. I look forward to meeting you soon!